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Windsor, ON Monday May 18th, 2020 at 4:39 AM

The Karen at Walmart

On May 15th I unfortunately witnessed a Karen in her glory at the entrance of the east end Walmart. The worker at the entrance whose job was to sanitize the carts was approached by her. She was very rude from the start, asking him if the towel he was using to sanitize was sanitized itself. He assured her it was. She then grabbed his paper towel roll and got a new sheet, not believing he was doing his job correctly then went to grab his spray bottle to spray her cart by herself. He politely told her she couldn't take the spray bottle. She forcefully grabbed it anyway and sprayed the paper towel. I was honestly shocked at her behavior. By doing this she put everyone at the store at risk by touching all if it herself. The workers at Walmart and every other store are putting themselves at risk and also being very polite and I cant believe someone would act like that!!! Shame on you.

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