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Windsor, ON Saturday November 30th, 2019 at 8:50 PM

Looking for guy in Red pick up on EC row today

I was happily driving along EC Row west bound thinking what a wonderful weekend it has been with my beautiful daughter coming home to see me for a few days. I was on my way to deliver a Christmas tree to a lonely friend of mine who's in his 80's and just recently was put in a home and very sad. I wanted to spread some cheer and show him photos of my girl and I from last night and maybe cheer him up and let him know he's loved. When out of the blue a woman in a white SUV ( Ford I think ) pulls in front of me and slams on her brakes. Then proceeds to drive really slow from Lauzon to Howard. If I try to move past her she pulls immediately in front of me. If I tried to drive in another lane to pass she sped up or blocked me. I shrugged and put up my shoulders 🤷🏼‍♀️ I knew the man in the red truck behind me was also trying to pass. I was hoping he knew I wasn't the cause of the lanes being blocked or inconsiderateness of the woman in front. Well eventually she has to exit. Much to my enjoyment she pulls to the right and off I go. I observe the man in the pick up quickly drive past me and her !! And block her in! Slamming on his brakes. Teaching her an invaluable lesson. The look on her face and the shock and fear he put into her worked ! It was instant karma. Yes he did it very safely and not anyone else was affected. No need to comment about the safety of what he did. It was amazing. Sir, you made my day 100X better. You showed this girl unity. You may have saved her from doing this again and making her think. You're my spirit animal and I really want to talk to you. I hope you see this and we can chat for a minute. Thank you thank you thank you ! It was awesome.

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