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Windsor, ON Wednesday October 30th, 2019 at 3:54 PM


Yesterday while I was leaving Chrysler I witnessed the most childish road rage from a 40 something year old man in a white BMW. A young girl turned onto techumseh from a side street into the closest lane but clearly wanted to turn left so she had to get into the left lane which was backed up due to a red light. She had her turn signal on so I waved her in. She waved back at me however didn't have quite enough room to completely get into the left lane. Everyone in front of you started to inch up except for you. She gave you a little beep to let you know she was blocking the right lane and if you also inched forward she could fully get into the lane and stop blocking traffic. You moved up, all is well. But then when the light turned green and everyone in front of you went, you did not. She honked at you, yes as would any other Chrysler worker trying to get home. Then you did the most childish thing I have ever witnessed on the road. You didn't move out of spite. Did you see the 30 cars behind you that you stopped from getting home? All because what? That girl used her horn properly? Also, she LAID on her horn at you for what seemed like 2 minutes while you sat there and gave her the finger. Then when she was fed up and went around you in the left turn lane up to the light where you wanted to turn YOU TRIED TO RACE HER AND GET AS CLOSE TO HER AS POSSIBLE TRYING TO SCRAPE THE SIDE OF HER CAR. I watched her have to swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid you hitting her. How childish are you? Maybe get off your phone and pay attention to the road and she wouldn't of had to honk at you. And when she does be a grown up and just move up so she can get in??? You also probably didn't realize that everyone watching you do this works with you at Chrysler. You should really grow up and stop driving if you have so much rage inside of you. It's Chrysler we're all just trying to get home.

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