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Windsor, ON Sunday April 7th, 2019 at 12:28 PM

Thanks for listening

To the mom who sat at the river and listened to me for a good hour and some. You noticed me crying on the bench and asked if everything was ok. I said yes and thank you for asking.
You continued walking and I sat on the bench continuing to think of things but I held back the tears so I didn't look like a mess.
Sometime later you we're walking back from your walk and I looked up at you, smiled and said, see tears all gone. You smiled and asked if you can sit and started telling me how one time someone stopped to ask you if everything is ok when you were also sitting on a bench on the river. You got me talking and to open up about why I was crying and how life sometimes really really sucks. You gave me some good advice and made me feel 100 percent better. I'm not sure my day would have ended up as good as it did if not for some random stranger caring enough to ask me if everything is ok. I always let people be when I noticed them crying or noticably angry or sad, but now I might have the courage to ask them if they are ok. You were an angel in disguise and I want to thank you again for the advice, and I hope you see this and realize how much it meant to me even though I repeatedly thanked you.

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