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Windsor, ON Sunday June 17th, 2018 at 8:51 PM

To the bystander and the officer

Today I was involved in an accident on Walker Road. I was side swiped / rear-ended by another vehicle with my kids in the car. I was obviously shaken and angry at the time.
A man saw the accident, pulled over, took pics and made sure I was ok. He stayed to give a statement, and kept checking on us.
Never having dealt with this situation before, I was pretty flustered. The officer helping me through it was amazing. He talked about his spoiled cat after finding out that I work in a pet supply store.. just doing what he could to keep me calm.
Unfortunately, I didn't get either man's name.. but I do want to recognize the fact that today was made just a little easier due to both of them.
I would like you both to know how much your kind gestures meant to me today.
Thank you.

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