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Windsor, ON Saturday May 26th, 2018 at 11:43 AM

Horn Honker on Dougal

Yesterday afternoon I was driving down Dougall, and the light was green but I stopped at the light because the traffic was backed up and I didn't want to block the intersection incase the light changed to red. So the impatient woman behind me layed on her horn and proceeded to shoot me the finger. And then the light turned red so I'm glad I did not listen to her and go through. It's people like you who cause accidents with your impatient self. How about you just go around if you don't like it? I will do what I want to do in order to drive safely and correctly. I'm sick of these rude people going crazy on you on the road for you doing NOTHING wrong! And when she drove past me a few mins later she shot me the finger and mouthed off to me and drove away really fast! I hope you see this and realize how wrong you were and how very rude you were. And everyone around us saw you! I hope you feel good about yourself.

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