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Windsor, ON Monday April 23rd, 2018 at 4:40 PM

Good Samaritan - Towing Help

On Sunday afternoon during the Earth Day celebration at Malden Park, my wife got her van stuck in the muddy grass.
When I arrived, I saw it almost 90 degrees the wrong way. We enlisted the help of some firefighters who were there as part of the festivities. They gave it a valiant effort with pushing assistance but unfortunately, the van was stuck too deep.
It was a pretty stressful and embarrassing situation as people were glaring and discussing us on their way out all the while dealing with our 3 little guys.
As I tried to call up some tow companies, a kind man in a SUV told us he can help tow us out after he goes home and gets his equipment.
Sure to his word, he returned and helped not only us but the car next to us who were also stuck.
Another gentleman came by to assist us with directing traffic on the other side.
We are very grateful for the kindness of these people today who volunteered to help and get us out of that jam.

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