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Windsor, ON Tuesday March 13th, 2018 at 11:10 AM

Beware of children

To the woman driving the white mini-van and the gentleman driving the black charger (at Central Park Athletics) in the parking lot, you were BOTH wrong. I'm the driver from behind you both. To the woman driving the mini-van, you should never just stop in the driving lane. You weren't even at one of the main entrances. You did not put on a signal or your four-ways. How were the vehicles behind you to know what you were doing? To the man in the Charger, I know the stopped van was frustrating but you shouldn't have tried to pass in the parking lot of a place that runs activities for students during March Break. To the child, that swung open the back door of the van and jumped out with your sports bag, you were lucky!! You came very close to being seriously injured this morning.

Parents, if your child is able enough to attend 'sports camps', they are able to walk the extra 25 feet that would be required if the driver actually parked in a parking spot and then let the child out of the vehicle. NEVER just stop and let your kids out in front of traffic. To all drivers, please practice patience when driving, it's March Break. Kids are running everywhere and sadly, they don't always look where they are going.

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