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Windsor, ON Tuesday January 30th, 2018 at 11:33 PM

Unwanted visitor, this is how it was!!!

Well, I left to run to the store at 6:56:18pm, you showed up in front of my door at 7:12:25pm, you rang the doorbell (around 10 times) and a few times you were peering through the window on my front porch (don't think you could have put your face any closer . OHHHHH did you think other people weren't home??? Ever think some people don't answer their doors to solicitors and people like you!!! At 7:14:51pm you decided to walk to side of my house and hop a 7ft fence into my backyard. At 7:17:22pm something must have startled you, you came from behind the house and dodged back again. Then at 7:19:09pm you decided to make your way to my back door which you were standing there at 7:19:26. You then exited other side gate which you unlocked on your way out!! You started to walk down my driveway at 7:20:06. Geee so sorry "I" wasn't home to greet you!!! I was a few minutes tooo late!!! Don't much appreciate you looking in ALL my windows that you could !!!! Actually, don't much appreciate people, like you, that think they can just do whatever the hell they want!!!! Including invading someone else' personal space !!!! You have been posted, spotted, videos shared, and you have also been reported!! The police were called, they were terrific as they searched my yard and looked to see if you tried to break in!!!. Thanks so much to the 2 officers that froze outside, inspecting my yard and property!! Also thanks for listening to the " special @#!?" names I called that dude!!! Hopefully those wonderful police officers found you in my neighborhood!!! Or maybe you should turn yourself in, I'm sure you are a regular...Thief and delinquent!! Guaranteed We Are Watching!!!! :) It is a shame there are people like you, that feel so friggin entitled!!!

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