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Windsor, ON Thursday October 5th, 2017 at 9:18 PM

Thank you from SJV Cross Country Team!

Written by Jonathan H
Today at cross country we had a little scare with one of our student athletes, passing out and possibly having a seizure. Just want to take this opportunity to give a giant shout out to one grade 8 student from another school (don't know who this was) who called her mom (an ICU nurse) who was watching the race from her car, she didn't hesitate to come to our aid and take charge and stay with and make sure our student was ok and safe until the EMS arrived. Unfortunately we didn't get the chance to thank this person and her daughter amongst the chaos. If anyone reading this post may know who this person may be please pass along a giant thank you from the xcountry coaches from SJV and this student's family. Your help made the situation less stressful, much appreciated!!!

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