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Windsor, ON 11 hours ago
Friday April 19th, 2019 at 10:50 PM

Amazing Doctor and Nurses

I had a procedure done on April 11th and stayed for two nights on 2nd Floor North at Windsor Regional Hospital (Met) (2107A).
Dr Bradley Jasey was once again amazing. His kind demeanor has always been so reassuring and the great care he has taken to ensure this procedure and all three of my past c-sections have gone perfectly has been so greatly appreciated!
The nurses on 2nd floor North! Every single one of you were so kind, patient, and gentle. You all came in to work with smiles and kindness, ready to do whatever you could to make your patients as comfortable as possible throughout recovery. I had a lot of meds going on so I can't remember all the names but Katie and Megan R I will remember you clearly for making me smile. I felt very blessed to have you look after me. Thank you!

Windsor, ON 21 hours ago
Friday April 19th, 2019 at 12:38 PM

Thanks to the guy in the grey truck

Thanks to the guy in the GMC grey truck at the Tim Horton's on Jefferson yesterday at noon for paying for my order. You sir made my day! That was very nice of you.

Windsor, ON 21 hours ago
Friday April 19th, 2019 at 12:09 PM

This poor Dog

Spotted at Tim Horton's on Wyandotte at Marentette. Clearly this dog is suffering. Patrons at the Tim Hortons took issue with the dogs pain today and unfortunately police and the humane society were called but not to help the dog. The police officers on scene were extremely agressive with the concerned patrons, threatening them and not appearing to help the dog at all. I could care less about the people I want to know who is going to help this dog. Explaining the look of it as just how a grey hound looks doesn't seem right to me. The police officer felt the dog was in no danger. What do you think does this dog look like it's in danger? Does it look like it's suffering? I hope this gets posted and passed around so that the powers that denied this dog saving can correct their wrong and save it. Please share, post and demand this dog be saved. The police officer knows where to find the dog and it's owner. Let's all demand this dog be saved from what seems to be a tortured life. Hopefully I'm completely wrong and the owner has the perfect reason for showing this dog off in public; but I feel society owes it to that dog to make sure it's not being a abused. Look at the picture, how could any human being see that and not assume the poor dog is being abused? Please share.

Windsor, ON 3 days ago
Wednesday April 17th, 2019 at 8:33 AM

Nursing Staff

My dad was diagnosed with cancer March 18, since then he has spent time in the Met campus Hospital. The nurses and all the staff made this unpleasant event much easier to deal with. He passed on April 17 and the nurses on the fifth floor were angels they did every thing they could to make my dad and the rest of the family and friends comfortable THANK YOU!

Windsor, ON 4 days ago
Tuesday April 16th, 2019 at 7:31 PM

Mom with hand full

I just like to thank you to the old gentleman who pull out a cart for me at Costco . I had my hands full with my two year old daughter, I cannot pull it out from the other carts. So I like to thank you , and bless you.

Windsor, ON 11 days ago
Tuesday April 9th, 2019 at 11:05 AM

Lovely lady

This morning while we were walking down Rivard a lovely lady pulled over in a blue Renegade to pick up a cat that had been hit. She didn't want anyone to run it over again. She put it to the side of the road so if the owners were looking for their cat that they wouldn't find it crushed. That was amazing !

Windsor, ON 12 days ago
Monday April 8th, 2019 at 7:28 PM

S/O to Emergency Services

Yesterday I was witness to a horrendous accident on county rd 42 involving a motorcyclist. I called 911 immediately and emergency services were there in less than
4 minutes with not a single delay. I just want to thank and show appreciation for the dispatch I spoke to, the OPP officers, paramedics, fire, and other emergency responders who tended to the accident and the motorcyclist so quickly and efficiently. His life was in your hands at that critical moment and I witnessed them handle it with urgency and care. This also goes for the medical staff that would have been working in the ER when he was brought in.They all deserve recognition for the work they do. To witness traumatic events such as that one and do your job without the blink of an eye takes incredible courage. Thank you all for your bravery, your compassion and your efforts. My heart and prayers go out to the motorcyclist and his family- I am praying he will be alright.

Windsor, ON 13 days ago
Sunday April 7th, 2019 at 12:28 PM

Thanks for listening

To the mom who sat at the river and listened to me for a good hour and some. You noticed me crying on the bench and asked if everything was ok. I said yes and thank you for asking.
You continued walking and I sat on the bench continuing to think of things but I held back the tears so I didn't look like a mess.
Sometime later you we're walking back from your walk and I looked up at you, smiled and said, see tears all gone. You smiled and asked if you can sit and started telling me how one time someone stopped to ask you if everything is ok when you were also sitting on a bench on the river. You got me talking and to open up about why I was crying and how life sometimes really really sucks. You gave me some good advice and made me feel 100 percent better. I'm not sure my day would have ended up as good as it did if not for some random stranger caring enough to ask me if everything is ok. I always let people be when I noticed them crying or noticably angry or sad, but now I might have the courage to ask them if they are ok. You were an angel in disguise and I want to thank you again for the advice, and I hope you see this and realize how much it meant to me even though I repeatedly thanked you.

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